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What’s The Smartest Choice In Home Security?

Doesn’t it feel like everything is being reinvented nowadays?

Like: hailing a cab. Or shopping, or music listening, or watching TV – all reinvented.

Home security is no different. Just ask one of the millions of homeowners who trust Since reinventing home security in 2000 has been innovating non-stop to deliver better security, enhanced convenience and energy savings, and smarter home automation ever since.

Here’s what makes Our security platform the industry leader and the smarter choice.

Smarter safeguards

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Home security used to be an alarm that sounded in response to a break-in. Our platform made it proactive. This technology discerns what’s happening and takes action on your behalf to keep you safe and aware of what’s happening.

Our security technology platform reminds you if you forget to lock up or arm the system. It automatically detects and lets you know if there’s unusual activity around your home. It shuts down your HVAC if it detects smoke in your house. And it still sounds the alarm during a break-in—while also alerting a our 24/7 monitoring station, so a security professional can dispatch the police or fire department.

Built smarter

Your security system is only as strong as its emergency connection. That’s why every system uses a dedicated cellular connection.

It doesn’t piggyback on your home’s broadband connection, it can’t be defeated with a pair of wire cutters and it works if there’s a power outage. Even if an intruder attacks your security panel,’s patented Crash and Smash protection ensures that your system’s emergency signal gets through to a our 24-7 monitoring station.

Smarter to use

Home security used to be inconvenient. Then the app came along, enabling you to arm or disarm your security system with a single tap on your phone.

Now you can arm it by talking to Alexa. You can arm it automatically when you lock your smart lock at a certain time of day. You can arm it as part  of a Scene. The experience of connecting with your powered smart home is intuitive and versatile.

A smarter ecosystem

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With, you can control and connect a huge range of smart devices.

We integrate best-of-breed device partners like Yale, Kwikset, Schlage, Lutron and Liftmaster, with new partners added continually. You get just as much choice in how you control your home: our app works on iOS and Android, and you can control your system with Apple Watch and TV, Amazon Echo and Fire TV, and even with Google Home.

Smarter for longer

Nowadays, everyone claims to be reinventing home security. has already been there—after all, they reinvented it in 2000 with the first interactive security system.

17 years on, and’s platform us still at the leading edge, trusted by 5 million homes and businesses and counting.

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