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Home & Business Security in Broward County

Protecting People & Property

We’re proud to be Broward County’s source for security solutions, and we’ve been ecstatic to work with our neighbors throughout the area for the last few decades. We aim to continually provide superior services, excellent products, and unparalleled customer service for homeowners and business owners alike. And of course, we strive to provide affordable, competitive pricing for both our installation and monitoring services. If you’re looking for a security solutions provider here in the Broward County area, we’d be happy to prove our mettle. Discover why folks trust Prizm Fire and Security Systems for their security solutions — reach out to us today to get started! You can also continue reading to learn more about our various services and the benefits you’ll enjoy when you partner with Prizm.

Why Choose Prizm Alarms?

50 Years of Experience

Prizm Fire and Security Systems has been dedicated to serving folks throughout Broward County for the last five decades, and we look forward to continually providing service that you can trust. Our experience lends itself to speedier turnaround times, better monitoring services, and a better understanding of what our clients need. Discover the difference that 50 years can make.

Direct Contact With Your Security Provider

When you reach out to your security provider, you don’t want to be redirected to an automated system or some outsourced outfit. With Prizm Fire and Security Systems, you can trust that you’ll always be put in touch with a local representative, and we’ll respond as fast as possible. You’ll even work directly with the owners of the company for your system installation! 

Free Estimates on Installs and Coverage

Don’t spend money before the project even starts! Call us for a free estimate. We don’t want you to feel obligated or pressured into a security package that you don’t want. We’ll ensure that you understand how much our services and installs cost, before we get started. That’s just the way we do things here at Prizm Fire and Security Systems.

We’re a Local Service Provider

Local service means speedier service, as well as more reliable service. Since we’re based right here in Broward County, you can trust that our response and turnaround times are unbeatable. Plus, we love providing protection service for our neighbors in the area — we care about our community! 

We Offer Same-Day Service

If you need a security system fast, we can provide. We offer same-day service on many of our security system installations, so you can protect your home or business as soon as possible. Whether you need security solutions to keep you and your family safe at home, or you need to install a security system at your business before the grand opening, you can count on us!

Solutions for Homeowners and Businesses

We provide security solutions for both homeowners and business owners. Whether you want an automated system in your home, or a commercial system with a fire alarm, remote access, and other features, we can cater to your unique needs. Feel free to learn more about our home security solutions, as well as our commercial security solutions.


Installations, Monitoring, and More

Security System Installations

Protect your space with a security system that perfectly suits your needs. We can install door and window monitoring devices, cameras, and other specialized equipment to constantly monitor your home or business. Best of all, you can connect your security system with our app for remote, live access to its features. And we provide a variety of additional equipment, like remote key fobs and doorbell cameras! With Prizm Fire and Security Systems, you’ll get the best security system to suit your property.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Let us keep an eye on things. Trust our team of specialists to respond immediately to any threat that your home or building may be exposed to. We provide 24-7 monitoring services to help fend off crime, protect your building from fire, and much more. You can trust Prizm Fire and Security Systems to give you the peace of mind that you need!

One Source for All Your Solutions

We don’t just provide security services and monitoring, we offer complete home and business automation solutions, including video doorbell installations, camera monitoring, remote door locks, temperature control, and more. Simply customize your installation as you’d like, and access the many features of your system through our app — which is accessible from any smart device! You can also purchase remote fobs and other modern devices to make accessibility and security even more convenient — feel free to browse our products.

Give Us a Call Today!

Security solutions for your home or business are a quick call or a couple clicks away. Reach out to us today to get started! We’re ecstatic to partner with you to provide the security services that you need to get true peace of mind. Discover for yourself why we’re Broward County’s choice for home and business security solutions!