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The Easier Way To A Smart Home.

There’s an Easier Way to a Smart Home

Shopping online for smart home devices? Feeling overwhelmed by it all?

It’s okay.

Take a break. Breathe deeply. Let your worries go.

You’re not going to buy the wrong device. You’re not going to fail at installing it. You’re not going to be stuck with a load of gadgets and apps that don’t work.

With Prizm Fire And Security Systems we take care of everything for you.

It’s the easy, affordable way to own a state-of-the-art smart home.

No device-buying mistakes

Buying smart devices that don’t work together is an expensive shortcut to a not-very-smart-home.

With Prizm Fire And Security Systems our professionals help you pick the right devices for your home. Get started with smart home security and add thermostats, lights, video, locks, garage door openers, smoke detectors and more.  With one platform, everything works together from day one; no IT skills required.

No installation headaches

Not confident about installing a smart thermostat? Most people aren’t. With Prizm Alarms you enjoy fast, professional smart home installation and setup. You don’t need to touch a screwdriver, let alone a bundle of wires. And if there’s a problem anywhere down the line, were a phone call away to provide service, remote support and assistance.

No app clutter to navigate

Why have one app per device when you can have a single app for all of them? Our platform smart home app controls your home’s security, heating, cooling, lighting, access, and safety features. It sends you alerts when you need to know something, and lets you manage your home when your away.

Behind the scenes, this integrated technology makes your home smarter. Your devices share their intelligence with each other, enabling them to do way more for you.

It’s affordable right now

Perhaps the biggest difference with an our powered smart home is how you own it. It’s a bit like buying a cellphone: you get the package you want upfront, but pay monthly.

In addition to your home’s devices, you get our cloud technology that powers them, support, new features whenever they launch—and, uniquely, professional security alarm monitoring to keep you and your family safe no matter what.

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